What Happens if a Dental Implant Breaks?

What Happens if a Dental Implant Breaks?

What Happens if a Dental Implant Breaks: One or more missing teeth can lead people to get dental implants. A dental implant is an exceptional and durable option to completely restore a lost tooth structure. It has three components: a titanium post, an abutment, and a prosthetic tooth. The titanium post acts as the tooth roots.

An abutment is a connector piece between the other two components. It is topped by a dental crown, bridge, or denture. Are you interested in undergoing dental implant surgery and want to know what happens if a dental implant breaks, do read our blog for more information!

The implant surgery involves surgical placement of the titanium post beneath the gum line in the jawbone of the lost/damaged tooth. The implant site takes 2-3 months to heal. During the healing period, the fusion of the titanium rod with the jawbone takes place. 

Once it’s over, the dentist places an abutment at the top of the implant structure. This abutment holds the custom-fabricated crown without any problem.

Dental implants are the gold standard replacement for missing, discolored, broken, misshapen, or damaged one or more teeth. They are preferred by anyone looking for a permanent dental restoration- a firmly rooted strong tooth.

They are the safest and most effective missing teeth replacement having a close resemblance to natural teeth. They look, function, and feel just like real teeth, which makes them the ideal choice for the majority of people.

The implant post forms a strong anchor for the replacement tooth/teeth because it’s composed of strong metal-titanium alloy. But, the sad news is, nothing is indestructible. Dental implants are susceptible to damage just like natural teeth. Nevertheless, they stand out among other alternatives to replace missing teeth and regain dental functions.  

This blog covers everything one must know about broken dental implants.

What Happens if a Dental Implant Breaks

Reasons Behind a Broken Dental Implant

Dental implants may break or bend when they receive a trauma before they have completely integrated with the jawbone. Excessive pressure can damage the jawbone to which the implant fuses, thereby loosening the existing implant. Other parts of the restoration can also break. The prosthetic tooth is not as strong as the implant root and would need replacement in 10-15 years.

It can break when subjected to undue force as natural teeth would need to break. Abutments form the weakest link between implant and replacement tooth. Trauma to the mouth can put stress on the abutment and cause it to break or bend.  

Dental implants may even get weak over the years because of bad oral habits. These include biting on hard objects, chewing on ice, teeth grinding, and trauma. Such factors when combined with pre-existing medical conditions can reduce the lifespan of dental implants.

What to Do When Dental Implant Breaks?

Here is what to do, if the dental implant breaks:

  • Gather all the broken pieces of dental implants and keep them safe in a container or bag. Ensure that there is no swallowing of any broken pieces.
  • Hurry and schedule an appointment with an implant specialist to replace or repair a broken dental implant.
  • Apply an ice pack or cold compress to the implant site, if there is severe discomfort.
  • While waiting to get the dental implant checked, chew food on the other mouth side. Avoid any hard/solid food items that could put a loosened implant at risk, for some time.  

Repair of Broken Dental Implants

In case of breakage of the titanium screw of the implant, the only way out is to extract the implant post. A new implant can fill in the resulting gap in the smile. For the placement of fresh dental implants, a dental professional may need to perform bone grafting. Bone grafts can augment the jawbone structure.

Bone grafting ensures that there is enough healthy and strong jawbone to securely hold the dental implant. After this, the patient needs to wait for a few months before the dentist can place the implant.

For broken abutments, the patients won’t need the replacement of the whole implant. They would only have to restore the broken abutment. If there is a crack or breakage in the dental crown, the dentist will replace it with a new crown.

In that case, the dentist takes mouth impressions of the patients and forwards them to the dental laboratory. With the help of these impressions, the dentist fabricates new customized dental crowns. These crowns perfectly fit into spaces created in the smile and look completely natural.       

How to Avoid Breakage of Dental Implants?

Same-day implants are more likely to damage when too much pressure is put on them soon after their placement. That’s usually because the implants may not have completely fused with the jawbone. Therefore, dentists recommend every patient receiving same-day implants not put extra force on implants initially.

Teeth grinding (bruxism) and other bad oral habits can even stress the implants, especially their crown parts. Thankfully, a personalized night guard can help address sleep bruxism. It can protect the implant from the effects of teeth grinding.       

After getting dental implants, it’s very important to properly care for and maintain them. Just like natural teeth, it’s necessary to establish a good oral hygiene regime and visit the dentist for regular check-ups. With appropriate care, dental implants can last for a lifetime. Dental implant experts can help in this regard. They provide post-operative care instructions to their patients to allow them to best care for their implants. They even provide tips to get relief from any post-surgery discomfort.   

 know what happens if a dental implant breaks

Get Your Knocked Down Implant Fixed with the Best Implant Specialist in Chicago, Illinois!

Dental implants rarely break or bend, but if they do, they need prompt care. If you do experience an issue with your implant, including its breakage, and need implant restoration, immediately consult a dentist. A dentist will give instructions on how to regain a beautiful, complete smile.

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If you have any questions about dental implants or thinking of getting one, please don’t hesitate to request an appointment with EON Clinics implant specialists today. Also one can ask the experts in detail about what happens if a dental implant breaks?

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