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Quick Tips to Whiten Teeth

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“Who has the whitest teeth of all”

Tips to whiten the teeth is something Snow White might be searching on the internet in 21st century America. 80 percent of Americans believe healthy teeth are important to achieve success in life as per a survey done in 2015. Wanting is one thing but finding a way to keep the teeth white is another whole story in itself. Going to the American Association of Orthodontists report, nearly 90 percent of patients wanted to go for teeth whitening process. If your teeth are white, it means oral hygiene is being maintained. If not, you need to stop doing everything and read this article. We outline what is the best way to brighten your teeth and flash a radiant smile.

Consult the Dentists

The most important step is making a visit to the nearest dental clinic. There, the dentist will examine the teeth for the reason behind the discoloration. The specialist will first clean the teeth of stain and later polishing and smoothening the enamel. This will keep the teeth if one closely follows the dentist’s oral hygiene routine.

Follow Right Oral Hygiene Routine

Prevention is better than cure and this applies perfectly to the teeth. If one follows the right dental hygiene, discoloration of teeth would be a distinct possibility. American needs to follow the basic oral hygiene steps like brushing and flossing twice a day and frequent dentist check-ups. We often ignore brushing the tongue but harmful bacteria residing there can cause bad breath and stains.

Banana Peels

Bananas peels are good teeth’ natural whitening agents. Minerals like manganese, potassium, and magnesium are found in heavy quantities in banana peels. The absorbed minerals lend whiteness to the teeth. You also need to simply rub the peel inside the teeth for almost two minutes. Once done, you brush with baking soda or oral toothpaste to remove any banana peel pieces stuck on your teeth.

Follow Night Time Whitening Routine

Post the whitening treatment at the dental clinic, your teeth are more vulnerable to re-staining again. After the treatment, the teeth’ pores are open allowing easy entry of stains. So, you should be using teeth whitening gel and custom trays before sleeping. This reduces the chances of staining of teeth and will help whiten the teeth.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is bad for the lungs but is also a major reason behind the discoloration of teeth. It is difficult to remove the tobacco stains as they are often found to accumulate in the enamel’s grooves and openings. Post the tooth whitening process, you can quit tobacco and live a healthier life. Plus, you get to boost naturally white teeth.

Make a Visit to the Nearest Dental Clinic

One should always make it a point to follow tips to help whiten teeth. Oral problems start with discoloration of teeth before one starts searching for the cost of a dental implant on google. To get a better answer to how to whiten the teeth, make a visit to the nearest EON dental clinic. Read more about oral hygiene on our website.