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Nutrition and Oral Health

Healthy Mouth! Healthy Life!

Nutrition and oral health are related more than anyone could imagine. This is why dentists advise Americans to include certain food in diet to prevent oral problems. In today’s article, we outline the impact of good nutrition on dental hygiene.

Why Nutrition is Important for Americans’ Dental Health?

Millions of Americans are affected by oral diseases. As per CDC, 90 % of adults in the USA show signs of at least one cavity while almost 50 % are suffering from gum disease. The real question is how Americans combat the big issue? The answer is a proper nutritional regime prescribed by your dental specialists. One has to properly follow the right lifestyle choices be it avoiding smoking or fast-food consumption. Teeth and gums are sensitive elements in our bodies and need utmost care in order to prevent long-lasting damage. Healthy nutritional food prevents gum disease, infection, and tooth loss in Americans.

Best Food for Good Teeth

So, what’s the best food for maintaining oral health? The answer is a well-balanced diet of vitamins and minerals. Read on and stick with the major food groups mentioned below.

Calcium Rich Food

Americans should make it a point to include cheese, almonds, yogurt, and leafy grains to protect tooth enamel.

Protein Rich Food

Fish, eggs, and meat are good sources of minerals that are important for developing and nourishing strong teeth.

Fruits and Vegetables

Dentists advocate the intake of vegetables and fruits to eliminate acids. Plus, they are great in reducing food particles in the teeth.


Water washes away leftover food and residue in the teeth that cavity-causing bacteria love. Nutrition and oral health in early childhood is an important aspect we often ignore. Children who intake fluoride water are found to have fewer oral health problems in adulthood. This was confirmed in February 2016 journal Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology.

The Worst Food for Teeth

  • Carbonated drinks
  • Sugary food
  • Liquor
  • Caffeinated foods & drinks
  • Starchy food

How to Improve Eating Habits for Better Oral Health?

It’s not just eating the right food but it is more important to remove the bad food from the diet plan altogether. Instead of a carbonated soft drink, one can have cold water. Americans should be adopting foods that are rich in minerals and nutrients in their diet plan. This would improve their oral health as well as their body in the long run.

Consult Nearby Dental Clinic for More Oral Health Guidance

Americans should follow a good nutrition routine to improve oral hygiene. Still unsure? You should make it a point to consult a dental clinic near you. Schedule an appointment with EON clinics for a regular dental check-up and get more information link between nutrition and oral health.

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