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New Teeth Smile in Just One Day Makeover with EON Clinics

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Did you know that according to Forbes, smiling stimulates the brain as much as making $25,000 does? In addition, kids smile 400 times a day while adults only smile 20-50 times a day according to Psychology Today. It is no wonder that children have about twenty times more joy in their lives than adults do. The good news is you can create more happiness as an adult with the simple act of smiling! 

When patients receive new teeth with dental implants, they are usually aware of the physical health benefits such as improved appearance, chewing, and speech. However, many do not realize the various mental health benefits associated with a new confident smile, including alleviating anxiety and depression. It’s true, one of the simplest things you can do to increase happiness is to simply turn your frown upside down. Keep reading this blog to learn the science behind why smiling makes you happy and other benefits of smiling especially with teeth implants. 

Smiling with Your New Teeth Increases Happiness

Your alarm goes off at 7 A.M. on a Monday morning. You barely slept last night and you did not have time to get coffee. The thought of being productive for the next 10 hours seems nearly impossible. However, there is an easy solution to temporarily improve any bad mood: 

Whether you are enjoying the benefits of dental implants with new teeth or you have your natural teeth, take 60 seconds out of your day to fake a smile to alleviate any anxiety or depression. Why and how does this work? 

Smiling not only makes you appear to be happy, but it actually psychologically deceives your brain into believing that you are happy. When you smile, your mind does not process if the smile is honest or fake, according to NBC News.  It only processes the movement of the facial muscles expressing a smile and interprets that as happiness.

According to Very Well Mind, smiling produces neurotransmitters such as neuropeptides, endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. These neurotransmitters enhance feelings of happiness and alleviate any stress. Dopamine makes you feel joy and serotonin decreases stress levels, according to NBC News. Mark Stibich, PhD., contributor to Very Well Mind believes the power of a smile is so strong that “smiling is a natural drug.” Save money and skip your Starbucks coffee in the morning—flash a smile to lift your mood instead!

Smiling with New Teeth: How You Are Perceived by Others

A smile is the gift that keeps on giving. A smile with your new teeth with implants can mean more than words can. 

Here are some of the ways smiling affects others’ perceptions of you:

  • Ronald E. Riggio, PhD., contributor to Psychology Today states smiling makes one seem more “attractive, reliable, relaxed and sincere.” 
  • Given more attention and seen as more trustworthy
  • Conveys a friendly attitude, making you appear personable and approachable
  • Expresses more confidence, according to Psychreg. A smile helps others believe you know what you are doing, even if it is your first day at a new job and you are clueless. 

By smiling with confidence, you are expressing your authentic self to others. Even our dental implant patients at EON Clinics say so! 

“You cannot accomplish showing your true personality or confidence when you smile without teeth. When you smile with your mouth closed, your smile isn’t really you. It doesn’t reach your eyes. [With dental implants] I am back to being me.”

Debbie Collins, EON Clinics Waukesha Patient

Additional Benefits of Smiling

When you smile, people not only think you are more attractive, but they also think you are younger than you really are. According to Psychology Today, a study of college students believed subjects who smiled were younger than they were and those with frowns seemed older. Some even say a smile is like a free facelift! When you smile, the corners of your mouth lift your face, including your neck and cheeks. Even friends of an EON Clinics patient named Debbie have told her that she has benefited from getting new teeth with dental implants by looking younger.

“Now I smile a lot and people have told me it took ten years off my life.”

Debbie Collins, EON Clinics Waukesha Patient

Finally, smiling is also contagious and spreads positive feelings. When you see others smile, your brain, more specifically the orbitofrontal cortex, makes you repeat their facial expression by smiling as well, according to The Student Scientist. In addition, the part of your brain that processes reward is triggered when you see others smile. Because you feel rewarded when you see a smile, you also smile back.

People also mimic the smiles of others they are around in order to feel close to them by feeling similar emotions as them. Therefore, smiling is a beneficial experience for yourself and those around you because it creates positive feelings for everyone involved. Because of this, smiling is especially useful when you are trying to make a good first impression, whether it’s a new friend, coworker, or date. 

New Teeth Decreases Anxiety and Depression

Did you know that according to the National Institute of Health, someone who has missing teeth has a greater chance of having anxiety and depression? In addition, when someone has six or more missing teeth, depression and anxiety is significantly increased, according to the National Institute of Health.

One of the most amazing benefits are that you no longer have to be embarrassed of your missing teeth with the confidence your new teeth will bring you. No more avoiding family photos at weddings, not eating in public, or covering your mouth when you talk; instead, you will love the way you look and feel. 

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