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Dispelling the Common Myths About Infant Oral Health Care

Infant Oral Health

Good oral health is important for everyone, be it infants or adults in America. However, most parents like you might come across a lot of myths about infant oral health. Also, the baby’s mouth undergoes plenty of changes from the first tooth eruption to the final permanent tooth’s appearance. In today’s time, parents can’t neglect children’s oral health as it can lead to severe dental problems in the near future. In today’s blog, we debunk the guidelines on infant oral health care in the United States.

Baby Teeth Doesn’t Need Frequent Brushing

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding infant oral health care is that baby teeth don’t need frequent brushing. As a baby’s teeth are temporary so parents think it doesn’t need proper oral care. But the baby teeth are prone to cavities, infection and damage as it is coated in a thin layer of enamel. In the event of tooth decay or damage, a child’s adult teeth can grow abnormally. To avoid it, parents must brush the baby’s teeth with a soft toothbrush suggested by a dentist near them. Preferably, the parents must brush the child’s teeth once in the morning and once at night.

Note: If your child’s teeth are too small for a toothbrush, use your clean finger and rub it with toothpaste suggested by your dentist.

My kids Don’t Eat Sugary Food So No Risk of Cavities

This is another myth we need to bust. The digestive system led by saliva breaks down the carbohydrates into simple sugars units. Further, the bacteria in the mouth consume the sugar units and generate acid which is a cause of tooth decay. So, any frequent consumption of snacks either sweet or salty, can cause dental disease. As we know, there is a significant sugar quantity in drinks like juice, soda pop. So talk with a dental clinic near you and find out the best diet for good oral health.

Kids Don’t Need the First Dental Visit Till They Start School

Many American parents believe that children don’t need to make the first dental visit till they reach the age of 3. Parents should take their children to the dentist twice a year beginning from their first birthday. This is important so that the baby teeth come in the right place.

Genetics is a Cause of Bad Teeth

Baby teeth’ quality and functionality wouldn’t be inherited from parents just like eyesight. All teeth problems like cavities, gum diseases, or infections can be prevented with proper oral hygiene like brushing, a good diet, and regular visits to dental clinics. Tooth enamel is called the hardest substance in the human body but it’s prone to damage. Any effect on enamel can be permanent so one has to protect it at all cost from childhood only. 

Baby Shouldn’t Use Fluoride Toothpaste

The reason behind this myth is that too much fluoride can cause white spots or make the baby teeth’ surface rough. Also, children are more likely to swallow toothpaste than spit it out with water. However, dental experts now argue that the benefits of fluoride toothpaste are too good to not use it. Fluoride toothpaste protects the baby from cavities and tooth decay. The key is to use the toothpaste in moderation based on the guidelines on infant oral health care from The American Dental Association (ADA). one must use a very small amount of fluoride toothpaste around the size of a grain of rice for cleaning your child’s teeth. 

So, What are the Recommendations for Oral Health for Babies?

At Eon Clinics, our dentists use their expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to keep your baby’s smile bright from the first visit. It’s important to consult a kid-friendly dentist at our clinics and help in providing the best tips for early infant oral health. So, schedule your appointment today for Infant Oral Health Care on the website or call us at 800-250-3500