Emergency Dental Implants – What One Need To Know?

Are you looking for an excellent option to hide the tooth gaps with an ideal option? Then an emergency dental implants is the best choice for you!

Now with an emergency dental implant, one can restore their teeth in a few hours. However, only some are ideal candidates for emergency dental implants. At Eon Clinics, our dental implant surgeon and experts will analyze your case and check if the emergency procedure is the best and right for you to regain a healthy and radiant smile!

What Is an Emergency Dental Implant?

When one loses a tooth, it can be scary and stressful. One of the best ways to release your panic and to look normal as fast is with the help of emergency tooth implants, and with EON Clinics, you can restore your smile in just a few hours.

These implants offer a quick way to add a replacement tooth after any accident, trauma, or tooth loss from decay.  This procedure allows the implant and replacement tooth to be placed in one single visit, and it helps restore the patient’s smile and functionality so that one does not have to roam around with an unappealing toothless grin.

You can choose the size, shape, and color. Customize your temporary and permanent teeth, and change them as many times as you want. We use your custom temporaries to build your final smile, and it is made from the highest-grade materials. After getting them, you can treat and care for them like real teeth!

The results of this treatment are a stable, secure tooth that just functions and looks like a natural tooth. In this procedure temporary, high-quality, 3d printed teeth are used. These are strong and light, allow your jaw to heal properly, and are made out of high-quality ceramic resin.

An emergency implant replaces a missing tooth, and the smile is restored in as little as one hour. Implants of this type are frequently used to replace teeth in the esthetic or cosmetic region, which includes the visible teeth. However, implants can be used to replace teeth in any area of the mouth.

What are the Benefits of Getting Emergency Implants?

These dental implants are a great option because they allow Chicagoland patients to immediately regain their smile. Other benefits of this procedure are:

  • It is a one-time procedure that reduces long-term pain and recovery
  • Decrease healing time
  • Improved ability to eat and drink
  • Better digestion
  • Help one get back a healthy smile.

Who is an Ideal Candidate

Who is an Ideal Candidate?

Not everyone qualifies for an emergency dental implant, and one needs to have ample bone tissue in their jaw to support the placed implant. A bone graft or tooth-supported crown is recommended if one does not have enough. Otherwise, anyone with good health and a broken/missing tooth can go for emergency tooth implants.

The team of dental implant experts at EON Clinics helps you restore your smile to its optimal state as much as you do, look out for your overall health, and ensure you receive the best with a successful implant procedure.

If one has trauma in that area, the doctor suggests healing in order to safeguard against infection or other complications that may occur due to injured or traumatized gums or bones. If a bone density is lost, a bone graft is performed to support the implant base. Having an ample amount of bone tissue is crucial to ensure implant success. Also gum health is vital, and if one has gum disease, then our specialists wait for the gum to heal and become healthy before opting for this procedure. Additionally, one’s overall health will be taken into consideration before going for the dental implant procedure. 

Do you have any medical history, diabetes, current medications, and smoking status? Many other similar questions will be asked to ensure you are in good health to receive one-day dental implants.

If one is an ideal candidate, then our trained doctors and skilled staff are there to help you revitalize your smile and enhance your self-confidence. 

Why Get Dental Implants in an Emergency?

Despite the fact that most medical insurance does not cover emergency dental implants, there are numerous advantages to getting new teeth immediately. Hence, one can get them to:

  • Prevents bone loss, periodontal disease, and infection. This maintains healthy gums and a strong jaw because emergency implants provide a replacement tooth immediately.
  • Restores your beautiful smile and confidence. Dental implants placed in the esthetic region will increase your confidence in your appearance and encourage you to smile.
  • Prevents adjacent teeth from shifting. If a tooth socket remains vacant for too long, adjacent teeth may shift into the void, necessitating additional dental work. A dental implant will secure all of your teeth.
  • Makes your mouth feel better. Implants resemble natural teeth and feel natural in the mouth.
  • Has a shorter treatment duration. Due to the prompt nature of emergency dental implants, you will not have to wait for the next step.
  • Reduces future dental treatments. Delaying your emergency dental implant may result in additional dentist visits and surgeries in the future. This hassle can be avoided if it is resolved immediately.
  • Allows easy chewing of food. Having a dental implant will facilitate chewing and increase food chewing ability and help one to enjoy their food.

Why Get Dental Implants in an Emergency

Why Getting a Same Day Emergency Dental Implant Can Be Helpful? 

A same day dental implants can be advantageous for a number of reasons. 

A dental implant can help you quickly resolve dental issues, such as a missing or broken tooth, by providing an immediate solution.

  • There is no need to wait days or weeks to receive a permanent implant. With same-day implants, the implant can be placed and restored in a single visit, saving you time and hassle.
  • When a tooth is missing, the jawbone can begin to deteriorate over time, which can affect the health of surrounding teeth and the oral cavity as a whole. An implant placed the same day can help preserve the jawbone by providing immediate support.
  • When a tooth is missing, the surrounding teeth can shift or move, which can lead to bite problems, misalignment, and other complications. A same-day implant can prevent this by restoring the missing tooth and preserving the surrounding teeth.
  • Missing or damaged teeth can have a negative effect on your appearance and confidence. You can restore your smile and feel more confident about your appearance with a same-day implant.
  • Overall, a same-day emergency implant can provide a practical and effective solution to dental issues, saving time, preserving jawbone, preventing teeth shifting, and boosting self-confidence.

If you lose a tooth unexpectedly, you should not be embarrassed for several months or weeks. Try our emergency implant service for a quick, permanent, and effective solution to your toothy grin. 

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