Can Dental Work Cause an Upset Stomach?

Can Dental Work Cause an Upset Stomach?

Are you searching for can dental work cause an upset stomach? Then, read this blog carefully to get the real answer.

In humans, the mouth is the first place where the digestion process begins. Inside the mouth, teeth function to bite and chew food which helps start the process of digestion. Chewing helps break down the ingested food into small, easily digestible pieces which go down to the stomach and beyond. Thus, teeth are one of the first encounters from the mouth to the stomach.

Can Dental Work Cause an Upset Stomach? Yes, when teeth are not in proper working order to get the food rightly crushed, people may end up having belly aches.

Dental work refers to all general, restorative, cosmetic, and emergency dental care procedures carried out in a dental clinic. All of the dental procedures are solely centered in the mouth, but they can be a recipe for upset stomachs.  

It has been seen that only some dental patients experience stomach issues after undergoing any dental work. While some patients might experience only minimal or no stomach discomfort concerning dentistry. Coming up next is how fixing dental issues can upset the stomach of the patient. 

Before the Dental Appointment

Some dental patients have a memory of experiencing pain or discomfort during their previous dental treatments. While others are stepping into a dental clinic for the first time. But, before that their loved ones have spoken to them about their bad dental experiences. Such patients are more likely to have dental fear.  

Anxiety and stress topped with fear of sitting in a dental chair may cause stomach discomfort before a dental appointment. When patients anticipate a dental visit they can assault their senses with varied experiences for the mouth and throat.

Their stomach might start reacting to bad and good sensory things. In the pit of their stomach, they could feel the hurt of their teeth. This may be partially psychosomatic or psychological.  

During the Dental Work


During dental work, it is fairly common to undergo drilling, pulsing, stretching, filing, biting, and painting. All of these activities do not involve the stomach, but they can upset the stomach.

Also, during dental work, the patients have to keep their mouths wide open. This might cause choking, gagging, and swallowing of fluids and debris or any foreign matter that eventually reaches the stomach. Consequently, the stomach can get upset.

Patients with an empty stomach are more likely to experience stomach discomfort during and after getting their teeth cleaned and fixed. During their dental work, spraying, swallowing, and trickling of saliva get mixed with numbing agents or medications.

The stomach can even hurt during dental work because of certain allergies and pre-existing conditions like infections. Patients who have allergies to latex or rubber can feel sick from dental implements or gloves made with rubber.

Patients having gum disease or dental abscesses can fall sick because of the spread of oral bacteria into their stomachs. Others who have existing bugs or viruses may worsen their health while lying on their back in a reclined position.   

Can Dental Work Cause an Upset Stomach

After a Trip to the Dentist

Jaw tension, local anesthesia, and pain can linger with a patient after dental work. These can bring along queasy, uneasy nausea. Many patients have a strong gag reflex means their impulse to vomit any foreign object starts in their mouth. This often triggers the muscles from the pharynx to the esophagus to the stomach to contract, release, and offend some acids.   

Other patients may develop a type of vertigo in response to their misaligned jaw, TMJ disorder, or neck/shoulder pain. This dizziness can cause nausea because of improvement in the patient’s head and jaw alignments. That happens during and after dental work when the mouth remains open for very long.  

Also, following dental work, chewing may become less efficient. That’s because the numbness wears off and the jaw relocates itself into a comfortable position. Therefore, the failure to break apart the food into pieces can cause an upset stomach. Digestive pains or stomach pain occurs because other body parts, acids, and fluids have to boost and compensate for food metabolism.       

The most common flu-like symptoms following tooth extractions and professional teeth cleaning include:

  • Nausea- This is because of the use of anesthesia on an empty or full stomach. Anxiety and nervousness over the upcoming dental visit can also result in nausea.
  • Sore lips- The lips can get dry or chapped.
  • Sore jaw- Jaw muscles get stiff and feel sore because of keeping the mouth wide open for an extended time.
  • Ear pain- It can be a result of keeping the mouth open for a lengthy dental appointment.
  • Pressure at or near the dental work site- This can resolve in a week.
  • Tooth pain- It is quite common during and after dental work. The pain is because of the tooth’s nerves getting exposed. 
  • Sore throat- Some patients might experience a sore throat when they come for dental work with a dry mouth.

How to Prevent Dental Work from Causing Stomach Issues?

  • Prior inform your dentist about any negative past dental experiences or fear of sitting in the dental chair. Your dentist might have a chance to keep you calm and comfortable.
  • If you had earlier experienced an upset stomach, check when it happens to accordingly prevent it next time.
  • Avoid going for dental work with an empty or loaded stomach. This may cause indigestion and queasiness just because of the positioning of the dental chair and the smells in the clinic.
  • Choose a highly experienced and qualified dental professional for your dental work if you have a strong gag reflex. Such dentists can limit the number of instruments and fingers in your mouth at a time. They can even help you breathe through your nose, while your dental work is completed.
  • If you have experienced any bad reactions to anesthesia or antibiotics, your dentist must be aware of it beforehand. This way you can prevent its recurrence.  
  • While undergoing dental work, take frequent breaks to close your mouth, rest for a while, and massage your jaws. This can help you if you have any jaw issues that lead to nausea. 
  • Keep the immune system healthy by following a healthy lifestyle.
  • Drink plenty of water before and after dental treatments.

Hope you have gained various insights on can dental work cause an upset stomach with the information provided by us.

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