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Top Tips to Follow After Dental Implant Surgery

Best Tips to follow after Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implant surgery is an oral surgery undertaken every year by millions of Americans. It’s often recommended to people struggling with missing teeth and other severe dental problems. Let’s take the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report, 7% of people in the United States aged below 17 are at risk of losing one permanent tooth due to decay. Periodontal disease and cavities are the leading reasons behind Americans opting for this procedure. Also, it’s quite important to take precautions post-surgery. So, to help out readers, we list out the best tips to follow after dental implant surgery.

Follow Well-Balanced Diet

First, the patient has to follow a good nutrition plan after dental implant surgery. Ask your dentist to prepare a diet plan that takes care of protein, vitamin, and calcium needs. Fruit and veggie smoothies, protein shakes are good options. In case of moderate surgery, one needs to eat soft food for at least 1-month post-op. On the other hand, follow the routine for 6-8 weeks in the event of complex surgery.

Avoid Smoking After Dental Implant Surgery

The surgery failure rate is observed higher in smokers. Various studies pointed out how smoking and teeth implant failure rates lie in the bracket of 6.5% – 20% compared to non-smokers. Due to this fact, please avoid lighting up a cigarette for at least 3 weeks post the surgery. Read more about smoking’s impact on oral health.

Brushing Gently Post the Surgery

Brushing teeth is a good oral hygiene routine to follow. One has to careful to avoid brushing near the implant for two days minimum. Buy a toothbrush with extra soft bristles. Also, don’t use water jets or electric toothbrushes in the initial 2 weeks till the healing is completed. Also, avoid flossing or water-pick near the surgery area for some days.

Ice Pack Use

A little swelling is expected to post the dental surgery. Specialists at EON Clinics advise patients to place an ice pack on the cheek near the operated area. Intermittent use of ice using a tower will reduce the swelling.

Avoid Hot Drinks and Foods Post-Dental Surgery

Hot drinks and foods are an absolute no-no for the mouth after dental surgery. Dental specialists advise patients to drink cold water as it quickens the healing of the treated area.

If you are looking for more information on dental implants, make a visit to our detailed section here. Also, you can get in touch with specialist dentists to know more about the best tips to follow after dental implant surgery.