Digital Implants Surgery - Is it Really Worth It? By EON Clinics
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Embrace Your Smile With Digital Navigation Implant Surgery

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Are you unsatisfied with the appearance of your smile due to missing teeth? Give thought to advanced digital implant surgery to enhance your smile aesthetics!

Losing one or more teeth can lower the self-esteem of the patients due to unpleasant smile appearance and also affect their oral health. In restorative dentistry, dental implants are the most popular tooth replacement option as they offer long-term benefits. However, many patients are interested in availing the amazing benefits offered by digital implants (or digital navigation implant surgery) as this technology focuses on making the smallest incision possible, thereby causing significantly less pain compared to traditional implant surgery.

So if you are considering undergoing implant treatment, then digital navigation implant surgery must be conducted rather than traditional implant surgery. To find the reason behind this, we recommend further reading of our blog as well as taking consultation from an expert dental implant surgeon at Eon Clinics who can help one to know more about this technology or if they are an ideal candidate for this procedure.

What Are Digital Implants?

The implants can only be placed by a surgery performed by a highly skilled dental surgeon to ensure the safety and accuracy of placement. Although teeth implants have been known for their high success rates still there are some chances of them being wrongly positioned, if not performed by a skilled surgeon. If this happens, a range of problems is possible to occur. Our implant experts at Eon Clinics are highly skilled at performing surgery and make sure that our patients are able to achieve the desired outcomes.

Thankfully, these risk factors involved in placing dental implants can be prevented with digital implants that use computer-aided implant technology. In digital implant surgery, a 3D computer simulation is used to check the jawbone condition and position of the nerves inside the tooth socket. This information is needed to plan out the surgery with minimal incision and precision, thereby making them significantly less painful surgery. During the placement of the digital implant, an exact guide is fitted over the teeth to make sure there is no damage caused to surrounding teeth or nerves. Usually, every 1 to 2 implants can be placed within 10 to 20 minutes.

Benefits of Digital Implants:

It is important to remember that if the advantages of digital implants are being discussed, then the benefits of traditional implants must not be forgotten. This includes:

  • One-time yet affordable investment: After fixing digital implants, there is no need for replacements after a certain time. If proper care is taken of the implants just like natural teeth, then they can last for a lifetime.
  • No need for special care
  • Natural appearance and functioning of the replacement tooth
  • Stimulation of the jawbone to maintain the integrity of the facial structure.

However, the dentists recommend their patients to invest in digital implants cost rather than traditional implants because of the following advantages offered by these type of implants:

  • No need for large gum incisions: The hole created in the gum for fitting digital implants is so small, hence there is no need for sutures in this treatment.
  • Shorter recovery period
  • Quick procedure: While the traditional implant surgery involves a lengthy procedure, the digital implant can be placed faster. This is because of the mock surgery step in the digital procedure that allows the dentist to work out all the details before the final placement and optimize the procedure. As a result, the patient can expect the placing of two digital implants in as little as 15 minutes.   
  • Reduced risk of bleeding, swelling, and infection
  • Accurate plans for placing implants can be made which can help in more complex dental cases where traditional implant surgery won’t work.
  • Greater stability and precision: There is a risk of shifting of placed teeth implant at the time of critical osseointegration phase (i.e. when implant fuse with the jawbone). But in digital implant surgery, the hole is drilled at the perfect position to fit in the implant which leaves no scope for the implant to move.
  • Get the new replacement teeth faster: The digital implant surgery is likely to involve the placement of a temporary new tooth on the very same day of placing the implant. The fully restored smile can be achieved within an average of 5-7 days unlike 2 to 3 months required for traditional dental implant surgery. 
  • Comfortable procedure: Digital surgery involves the use of anesthesia to avoid discomfort throughout the procedure. Moreover, there is no need for long cuts and stitches which minimizes the disruption to the jaw and gums.
  • Fewer dental visits (about three): There is no need for the patients to give their precious time in planning after they work off the digital model.

Cost of Digital Implants:

When we discuss the cost of digital implants, then you need to know that it is a more expensive and trustworthy, modernized version of conventional implants. However, the patient must take a bigger picture of the digital implants including the additional benefits, and not solely view it in terms of high cost. Moreover, digital implants surgery involves the use of any bone with a keyhole approach that cuts down the cost of the bone grafting treatments, thereby saving money in the long term.  

So you can invest in digital dental implants to enjoy their lifetime benefits.

Want to know more about which treatment option, digital implant or dental implants, is the best suitable option for you? Consult the dental implant surgeon at Eon Clinics, the best implant clinic in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.