Benefits of Dentist Fitted Mouth Guards
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Benefits of Dentist Fitted Mouth Guards

Best Mouthgaurd for Teeth/Braces

Enamel on the teeth surface is the hardest substance in the human body. However, the teeth need extra protection and dental devices like mouth guards can provide this protection.

Mouthguards are helpful dental appliances that support in preventing dental abrasion or tooth damage caused due to grinding, relieve painful symptoms of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, and provide protection to teeth and mouth from fracture, trauma, or contact sport such as rugby, boxing, and hockey. They consist of soft thermoplastic polymer materials that patients wear over teeth, greatly reducing the force of contact on the teeth and jaw.

There is a number of mouthguards available including boil and bite (over-the-counter mouth guard) and custom-made. The ultimate protection is provided with a custom-made mouthguard, which is made from a dental laboratory.

A custom-fitted mouthguard provided by a dentist helps guarantee more comfort, security, and a good fit within the mouth compared to an over-the-counter mouthguard. Custom-fitted mouthguards are manually designed by a dental professional using thermoplastic material at to adjust the proper thickness and resistance to ensure maximum safety of the patient teeth and jaw. Unlike over-the-counter mouth guards, the upper and lower part of custom mouthguards are not the same, this helps them offer overall complete protection.

High Personalized Custom-fitted Mouth Guards for Teeth:

Custom-fitted mouth guard devices are highly personalized and offer multiple benefits and dentists also adjust the mouth guard thickness based on the patient concerns or requirements like the severity of teeth grinding and clenching, and are designed to fit perfectly in the mouth. A customized mouth guard for dental braces provides the best protection to prevent damage, which could result in dental treatment.

Preparation of Mouth Guards For Teeth:

Many dentists specialize in creating custom-made mouth guards using advanced technology. In the first step, a dental mold is created by making an impression of the teeth and is sent to the laboratory to prepare a custom-made mouthguard to fit the patient mouth perfectly and provide the best comfort and protection for upper and lower teeth and mouth against damage. The structure of the guards is made by layering superheated plastic to make precise and is also cooled to create an extremely durable piece of mouth guards.

How Well Custom-Made Mouthguards for Dental Braces Work?

As the custom-made mouthguards are precisely made they offer the patient optimal safety and comfort. The protection offered is unrivaled by any other mouthguard, the snug shape offers more durability, and also excludes unwanted movement. In people who vigorously grind, clench, or snap their teeth, the custom-fit mouthguard is made thicker, and it helps to lessen the pressure on the jaw.

Although over-the-counter mouth guards (boil and bite) are better secondary options, they do not provide a better fit to the mouth. They are not suitable options for people suffering from violent teeth grinding and they cannot withstand forces caused during sports.

Best Mouth Guards For Teeth/Braces

Should I wear a mouth guard if I have braces? This is one of the most commonly asked questions by many people.

Yes, if one is playing contact sports then such individuals require a mouth guard normally. In contact sports, teeth and jaw injuries are common. The braces provide some extra protection to the teeth, but with braces, there is an added risk of getting hurt inside soft tissues like lips and cheeks. Dentists at Eon Clinics, recommend wearing properly fitted mouthguards over braces to avoid the risk of an impact to the mouth or face.

When a patient is wearing braces, the orthodontist takes a few additional cares when providing the patient with over-the-contour or custom-fitted mouth guards (based on the patient’s choice).

Many sports have a poor record for tooth loss and broken jaws such as football, hockey, and rugby. Collisions or accidents can happen over time, so athletes are encouraged to use mouth guards. It is also important that the young players are also provided with mouth guards so it becomes a second nature to put it in. A lost or damaged tooth can cost huge dental expenses so a mouth guard is a cost-effective prevention strategy.

Using a mouthguard before playing sports is the best method of protecting braces while playing sports.

Mouth Guards After Braces:

Braces mouthguards provide a little more room than regular mouth guards, and they also offer the same protection level. They come with extra width that allows covering the braces, teeth, and gums.

Even when the braces are off, an individual must wear a mouthguard whenever even one is training or playing sport. It is worth investing in a custom mouth guard to ensure to provide the best possible protection to teeth.

Caring For Mouthguards:

Bacterial plaque can progressively accumulate in used mouthguards, so one must clean them after taking them out. Brushing with a toothbrush and toothpaste can help clean mouthguards effectively, and one can also rinse them with an anti-microbial liquid after use.

Picking the best from the array of options available assures peace of mind, protection to teeth and braces, and helps one achieve a healthy smile.

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