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What anesthesia will be used? How will it be administered?

EON Clinics uses a general anesthesia; however, the patient and surgeon will discuss anesthesia options. It is our goal to provide state of the art care with minimal discomfort.

Will vital signs be monitored?

Yes, with sedation the oral surgeon and surgical assistants will continuously monitor the vital signs.

Will sedatives and/or anti-anxiety medication be used? Which one(s)?

With IV sedation, all of the drugs have anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) and sedative properties designed to relax you. These include Propofol, Versed, and possibly a narcotic such as Fentanyl. A preoperative oral sedative can be prescribed in some cases.

What type of pain management will be administered?

During the procedure, a general anesthetic to help block pain, such as lidocaine, will be given. Following the procedure, a combination of adequate pain medications, mixed with a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprofen, will be prescribed.

What is estimated length of surgery?

Single tooth implants can be placed in less than 30 minutes, multiple tooth implants can be up to an hour, while a full jaw could take 2-3 hours.

Are implants placed within the gum line so that natural gums are visible/grow over implants, or, are implants constructed with artificial gums and placed over natural gums (similar to traditional dentures)?

Placement of the implants depends on many factors, with outstanding results. The surgeon and prosthodontist, along with the patient’s input, will decide which option is best

Is there much blood loss?

It is extremely rare to have significant blood loss.

If jaw bone density was evaluated and found appropriate prior to surgery, is it possible to find inadequate bone density during surgery and further exploration, resulting in inability to complete the procedure? What alternatives are available if this should occur?

In these rare occasions, either immediate bone grafting or staged bone grafting can correct the problem. The key is to hold off on implant placement if the chance of Osseointegration (the implant fusing to the bone) is poor.

How many implant procedures has your team placed?

EON Clinics’ clinicians have placed and restored thousands of implants, all with success rates greater than 97%.

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