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3 Popular Teeth Straightening Procedures in Illinois; Everything to know!


Teeth alignment procedure is recommended for individuals suffering from crooked teeth. Not just that, it is quite effective in rectifying dental care concerns like misalignment of jaws and a couple of stray teeth. The teeth straightening surgery can help restore one’s smile and confidence at a dental clinic near you. Currently, there are several teeth correction surgery procedures to brighten your smile. Today, We will talk about the 3 popular tooth straightening procedures in Illinois.


Teeth Straightening Procedure Details:

Braces comprise 3 parts namely brands, wires, and brackets. All three components work together to shift your teeth into the right position. While the metal brackets are bonded to the front teeth and placed with the help of elastics and bands.  Metal branches are strong, durable, and effective in the tooth alignment process. With time, the braces will tighten and teeth will move into the desired position. 

Dentist Teeth Correction Procedure Timeline

Mildly crooked teeth would need treatment for just 6 months. On the other hand, severe tooth misalignment cases could take up to 1-2 years for the desired outcome. 


After the teeth straightening procedures, you can expect straighter, aligned teeth. Braces remain a popular procedure for individuals with complicated oral health and extreme tooth misalignment.


It’s not an orthodontic procedure but a rather cosmetic dentistry procedure. Dental veneers will not help rectify severe tooth misalignment. This would be quite apt in correcting dental concerns like chipped or crooked teeth or missing gaps between teeth. 

How Do the Dentist’s Teeth Alignment Procedure Work?

Veneers improve the teeth’ aesthetics in terms of shape, size, and color. Essentially, a veneer is a wafer-thin customized shell made of tooth-colored materials. The dentist near you would place the prosthetic over the tooth’s front surface to restore the original appearance. The veneers will be applied to the natural teeth through an artificial root and protect them against any damage. 

Veneer Procedure Timeline

The procedure will take at least 2-3 visits to the dental clinic near you. In the first visit, a thorough oral health exam will be conducted to evaluate the feasibility of the procedure. Usually, you will need to undertake minor day surgery to place the veneers. Finally, a follow-up appointment to check the procedure’s success and make minor changes if needed.


A veneer is an excellent option for restoring your smile in a short period. Minor misalignment or aesthetics of the teeth can be resolved by the teeth straightening procedures. Also, the procedure would last east for a decade if one follows the right oral hygiene routine. 

Teeth Straightening Surgery

Surgery might sound scary but there is nothing to be cautious about. The surgery is recommended for individuals with problems in the jaw instead of the teeth. This is a minor surgery but isn’t used to correct one or two crooked teeth. The dentist will simply move the gums and bones to shift the teeth to their natural place. Surgery will have benefits like good oral health, improved chewing and bite plus preventing misalignment later in life. 

Procedure Timeline:

You would need to stay in the hospital for a couple of days for continuous monitoring with a recovery period of 6 weeks minimum. 


It’s important to contact your insurance provider before undergoing a teeth straightening surgery procedure. In most cases, your insurance will cover some portion of the surgery if not the whole. This surgery is recommended for jaw misalignment and not crooked teeth. 

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