Should I Just Settle For Any Dental Treatment?

Losing teeth can be devastating and extremely detrimental to your health. Believe it or not,  because of dental phobias and/or extreme discomfort from dental procedures,  many people would rather suffer from loss of teeth than have their dental needs repaired.  The disadvantages of losing teeth can range from the loss of chewing ability to the self-consciousness and insecurity of appearance. Many alternatives have been provided for individuals who suffer from tooth loss that may or may not be comfortable for the individual. In this article, we will be discussing what sets apart dental implants from the other dental restoration alternatives and what makes dental implants the more comfortable option.

A dental implant is a titanium post that is placed into the jawbone through the gums. The implant, replicating a tooth root, holds and mounts a porcelain crown or bridge replacing that area of teeth. Unlike a flipper, a single tooth implant does not put pressure or depend on your surrounding teeth by anchoring onto them. Weather you are replacing a chipped tooth, a missing tooth, or a decayed tooth, the materials used help it to stand on its own and keeps the jawbone active which terminates the chances of bone resorption. Where a flipper may be a temporary solution for appearance, they do not solve the issue of replacing chewing ability and bone loss. Flippers also place a lot of pressure/dependability on surrounding teeth, causing surrounding teeth to become weaker and potentially fail because of pressure.

Implant bridges are implants that are placed in the jawbone with the ability to hold numerous crowns (replacing multiple adjacent teeth). The implant bridge does exactly the same as the single tooth implant, keeping the bone active and replacing teeth without putting pressure on the surrounding teeth. Regular bridges, just like a flipper, use two of your natural teeth to anchor the false teeth in between. They place an exuberant amount of pressure on your surrounding teeth which can later weaken them. The anchoring teeth that hold bridges have a greater chance of decaying, which is one of the main causes for bridge failure. Unfortunately, because the anchoring teeth aren’t visible, tooth decay can do without notice. This can cause permanent damage to the tooth and weaken the gums. An implant bridge is easily maintainable, feels like your natural teeth, is comfortable, and doesn’t come with the complication of potentially falling out.

Lastly, The All-On-4 implant replaces a full jawline of teeth. Unlike dentures, the All-On-4 is not removable and does not need adhesive to be anchored down. The All-On-4 implant anchors the full jawline of teeth with four implants placed into the jaw bone. Where dentures have been known to irritate gums as well as cause difficulty eating, the All-On-4 does not place unnecessary pressure on the gums and functions as your natural teeth. With dentures, many patients experience sagging jaws caused by the loss of bone. Once all the teeth are removed;  there is nothing to keep the bone active, eventually causing the jaw line to crash. The All-On-4 makes maintaining your jaw structure easy! Just as a single implant and implant bridge, the All-On-4 continues to keep your jawbone active and strong so there is no chance of bone resorption.

If we were to compare all the above options, dental implants would be the most convenient and pain-free option. Not worrying about your restoration treatment failing or falling out can make a devastating situation a little more comfortable. Not only are dental implants convenient, but they are all around better for your overall health. If you are considering different restoration options, the one question you must consider is, “Am I looking for something permanent, or am I looking for something to last me for now?” Invest in your oral health and don’t settle for the cheaper option, take a path that is going to change your life.

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