More Facts About EON Clinics

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EON's Founder, Dr. Rajan Sharma

EON History

  • In 1992, EON Clinics founder Dr. Rajan Sharma graduated from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • EON Clinics was established in 2007 by Dr. Rajan Sharma under the name of University Dental Implant Facility.
  • In 2010, EON Clinics received its current name
  • In 2016, EON Clinics started their partnership with Neodent (recently acquired by Straumann).


Facts About EON Clinics

  • EON Clinics has a total of six different clinics that are located in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.
  • Specializing in the All-on-4 treatment, EON Clinics works with board certified prosthodontists and oral surgeons.
  • Each clinic location has its own prosthodontist, oral surgeon, and lab team.
  • The Waukesha, WI location is able to provide Zygomatic implants as a potential dental implant treatment.
  • EON Clinics can provide implant services for people who need one tooth, two teeth, several teeth, or all teeth replaced.
  • EON Clinics also provides bone grafting, which is the replacement of bone tissue in the jaw bone under the gum.

Dental Implants 101

  • The implant placed in the bone helps keep the bone active which decreases the chance of bone loss.
  • Dental implants closely replicate natural teeth. The implant is placed in the bone under the gum and acts as a tooth root.
  • Zygomatic implants are longer than the traditional implant, these implants are able to reach the maxilla (upper jaw bone near the cheekbone),
  • Dental implants are made from titanium and fitted with porcelain crowns.