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EON Clinics would like to share our support and admiration for rising dental students. With a staff of Prosthodontist and Oral Surgeons whom graduated from exceptional universities, we would like to what we can to continue to motivate and encourage the next generation of dentist, prosthodontist, oral surgeons, endodontist, periodontist, etc.

“At EON Clinics, we recognize the importance of education to cultivate the next generation of students in dentistry. Likewise, it takes communities of learners and researchers to bring about the kinds of breakthroughs that keep our implant procedures on the cutting edge.”

-Luke Jones [Marketing Manager]

Some of the qualifications for the EON College $1,000 dental scholarship are as follows…

    • 3.4 GPA
    • Dentistry related studies
    • Letter of recommendation from current or prior employer or professor
    • Residence in the United States Territories

Awarding selected students with a $1,000 check that will be created payable to the students school; EON Clinics hopes to positively impact students financial plan and create a lasting relationship.