There is Nothing to be Afraid Of: Patient Testimonials

By: Ashley Walker

Published: 03/30/2017

Have you been considering moving forward with getting your new smile? Are you skeptical about the dental implant procedure and do you need a little more information to help you make your decision? Our patient, Cathy, gives more details about her journey with implants and how they changed her life. 

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     My name is Cathy and I am a current patient of EON CLinics. I am so proud of my smile and I wanted to share a little about my history and my journey to improve my smile. I was missing teeth on my upper left hand side. I had full front teeth but, again, they just weren't the teeth that I wanted and that I used to have. I really missed smiling. I would smile with my mouth closed. I was having difficulty eating, and I was very self-conscious about my smile. This necessitated my really thinking about what were my alternatives to improve my dental health, my ability to eat, and smile again. My life was so diminished because I couldn’t smile. I didn’t want dentures, and I didn’t want these old teeth anymore. Currently, I am a college professor, so I’m in front of people all the time. I wouldn’t smile, and I wanted to be myself again. I have a picture with three of my best friends and I am the only one with my mouth not open smiling. I was very conscious of the fact that my teeth were nothing like I wanted them to be, and I was very embarrassed. Then I had a conversation with my mother and we decided it was time.

     As a college professor I teach nurses and, within this profession, dealing with people who are this professional, compassionate, and this knowledgeable is very reassuring to a patient. My big fear was the procedure itself. I thought  it would be a lot worse, a lot more painful, and in reality it was not! There was a little bit of pain the first 24 hours, but it was very manageable. After that I didn’t require any pain medication.When I saw my smile for the first time I was absolutely thrilled. I don’t hide anything from my students. I tell them about about the procedure all the time and they love hearing it. I smile. I’m happy I can eat whatever I want. I look at the mirror and see the bright white teeth, and I’m just thrilled to pieces. It has made a world of difference. I’m much more outgoing, open, and I tell everyone how implants changed my life. I have a special gathering planned with my friends, a few years ago I would have stayed home. Now nothing holds me back, my new smile changed my life!

     I would tell people who are considering this procedure not to wait. I should have had this procedure done four years ago! Don’t wait! Move forward with your plans and have the procedure done. I would like to assure that undecided individual that it will, positively without a doubt, change your view of yourself and give you the ability to eat whatever you want! I was scared, but I did it, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.


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Remember, you are not alone!

There are a lot of reasons why some patients don’t receive the proper oral care. Some weren’t allotted the opportunity while others may have suffered a traumatic experience that made dental visits uncomfortable. Whatever the circumstance, EON Clinics wants you to know you are not alone! Listed below are a few of our testimonials from patients who have experienced a plethora of different circumstances and found the courage to move forward with treatment!

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