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Dentures sitting in a cupAre you in need of tooth restoration? Are you unhappy with your smile? Debating between dental implants and other potential treatments? While considering the best tooth restoration option, its beneficial to consider which option is the best long term price. Dentures, flippers, crowns, bridges, and mini implants may have an initial convenient price, the long term effect builds a hefty expense for patients.


Where crowns are used to restore shape and size, they also cause severe damage to  your natural teeth. Many crowns cannot withstand the pressure that is needed for chewing ability. When crowns are placed over a tooth, there is a great chance of the crown breaking, experiencing sensitivity o to hot and cold temperatures, and more tooth reduction. Different types of crowns come with different issues. With time,  the amount of money used to either repair the broken crown or take care of the tooth that decayed under the crown will add up to be an expensive investment.

Mini Implants

It’s true, the initial cost for mini dental implants can be enticing; however, after a while the convenience of a cheaper price turns into an expensive journey into tooth restoration. Mini implants are known to have a shorter surgery without the proper evaluation of the bone.  Complications patients have experienced are implants breaking, extensive loss of jaw bone, implants falling out, diameter of implants smaller causing the implant to slip or break. The amount of money used to replace and fix the existing as well as new issues add up to create more of a health expense.


When patients are in need of tooth restoration, one of the first alternatives discussed are dentures. Dentures are a removable treatment that can either replace one jawline or a full mouth. Though dentures may appear to be the more cost effective alternative, dentures cause more of a health detriment than any other dental restoration treatment. Patients with dentures experience severe bone loss, irritated gums, difficulty speaking,  and breakage. It is common for patients who have dentures to complain that their denture is either too big for their mouth or too small and have severe difficulty eating. The drawbacks of dentures create more lasting issues than other dental restoration issues and cause a lengthy long term price to repair.

Dental Bridge

It’s true, traditional bridges may be a great temporary alternative; however, it is not a good idea for a permanent fixture. Bridges have two crowns that are placed over your natural teeth with false teeth connected to the crowns to fill the gap. Some issues that patient experience with dental bridges are loss of bone, infection or decay of teeth, discomfort, breakage, difficulty eating, and lack of natural look. Patients who wear bridges inevitably will need to replace the teeth that once held the crowns to keep the bridge intact. Patients with dental bridges spend more  repairing their teeth and bone and elongate their overall dental restoration journey.

Traditional Implants

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is surgically anchored into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge in place. Implants don’t rely on neighboring teeth for support, they are permanent and stable;  implants look and feel like natural teeth making the ideal replacement. Patients who receive traditional implants state they are able to eat their favorite foods, smile, brush their teeth, and enjoy their life without worry. Though the other treatments may be more expensive than traditional implants, it’s important to think of the long term price. Traditional Implants come with a onetime investment to restore and replicate your natural smile that will also repair all of the problems that are caused by dental bridges, dentures, crowns, and mini implants.

Comparing traditional implants to mini implants, dentures, crowns, and bridges will show that though some alternatives cost much less they will need  twice as much long term repair. Though many dentist can give you an overall price of what the alternatives will cost, dental implants are priced case by case. All patients are different and will need to have an evaluation by a prosthodontist to determine the best treatment option and pricing. If you’re considering dental implants, which have a 98% success rate, contact us for more information and a complimentary consultation! Please click here to schedule a consultation or give us a call at 855-612-5893.