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So you’ve gone to your consultation and you’ve considered  financing through CareCredit and Lending Club options to assist you in getting your dental implant treatment. Before making your decision on which financing company you’d like to go with, we will be discussing one of the newer financing companies EON Clinics has partnered with. Here are 10 helpful facts about Alphaeon Credit.

  1. Alphaeon patient financing is  offered through Community Capital Bank and acts as a medical credit card that covers treatments such as dermatology, dental implants, and plastic surgery.
  2. For patients seeking Alphaeon for additional dentistry, you are able to finance braces, crowns,  veneers, Invisalign, and gingival graft.
  3. Loans for dentistry can range from $1,000 to $40,000 with monthly payments that span between $99-$299.
  4. Your Loan can be paid back within a term of 2-7 years at any time after the loan was taken out.
  5. With Alphaeon, there are many monthly options for payment. One of the most popular payment options is the early payoff.
  6. Alphaeon interest rate can range between 9.99%-23.99%  depending on your credit. Your interest rate is  fixed, this way your payment option does not change if balance is paid within 12 months.
  7. All interest that is paid is credited back to the individuals account!
  8. Unlike Care Credit and Lending Club, Alphaeon does not allow you to apply with a co-applicant; however, you are able to apply with an authorized buyer.
  9. There is no down payment.
  10. One you apply and are approved you are able to use your funds immediately

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