A Dental Implant Guide - Get More Information Through Our Website


By: Ashley Walker

Published: 07/05/2017

Are you interested in getting more dental implant information but don’t know where to start?

Today we will be taking a tour through our website to point out some important information you may have missed.

Before looking into getting dental implants, you may be asking who we are.  It’s important that you know about the procedure you’d like to have and who you’ll be working with! EON Clinics has been providing dental implant services to patients for more than ten years! Learn more about EON Clinics and why you should trust us with your implant procedure.

Getting dental implants is a life altering procedure! When considering dental implants, it’s important to know exactly why they stand out from other tooth restoration treatments. From restoring your natural facial structure to protecting your adjacent teeth; dental implants work in various different situations to provide beautiful smiles and cure bruised confidence.

website capture.pngThe ideal candidate for dental implants is an adult with adequate bone volume in the jaw. A  3D CT Scan can determine if there is enough bone to safely place dental implants in with predictable long-term results. EON Clinics can service patients who are looking for one implant and other patients who may need a full mouth with possible bone graft.

Discover what you need:

One implant

Several implants

A full jaw/full set

Now that you know more about our services, it’s a good time to discuss pricing. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to know the pricing of your implants without evaluating the condition of the gums and bones.

Looks like you’re all prepared with the information you need! Would you like to come in for a consultation? Find out which one of our locations is closest to you to schedule a consultation.