The top five reasons for tooth loss are: trauma, dental decay, periodontal disease, lack of care due to dental phobia and poor genetics.

Missing Teeth


Dental implants before-after missing teeth

Over 100 million Americans are missing one or more of their teeth. Missing teeth can affect one's health, self-confidence and quality of life.

When a single tooth is missing, the current standard of care is to replace it with a dental implant and crown. The alternative is to replace the missing tooth with a tooth supported bridge, which involves grinding down the adjacent teeth and cementing the bridge into place on top of the compromised teeth. Eventually the bone that supports the missing tooth deteriorates and is resorbed by the body or melts away. By comparison, replacing a tooth with a dental implant supported bridge will preserve the bone in the jaw without compromising adjacent teeth, and they look, feel, and function like a natural tooth.

When replacing multiple teeth, the current standard of care is to replace them with an implant supported bridge. The alternative is a tooth supported bridge or a removable partial denture. As many of our patients have discovered, a tooth supported bridge can accelerate bone deterioration and puts pressure on the adjacent teeth, causing them to loosen. Unlike partials and bridges, dental implants maintain facial structure and jaw line integrity by virtually stopping bone resorption. The implants look, feel, and function like natural teeth and restore natural biting and chewing capacity.

To find out if you are a candidate, visit Eon Clinics for a free consultation. This consultation will include a free 3D CT scan that gives our doctors the ability to see if you are an eligible candidate for dental implants. Our doctors then team up with our Treatment Coordinator to discuss your treatment options, including advantages and disadvantages of each, and they will work with you to develop a custom treatment plan for your individual needs.

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Regarding Bone Grafts for Dental Implants used to Replace Missing Teeth
Posted on: 7/8/12
When discussing dental implant treatment, your dentist may suggest that you require bone graft surgery. To be successful, dental implants must be completely surrounded by bone to osseointegrate or fuse to the bone. When teeth are missing, the bone that once held the teeth in place begins to melt away, preventing implant placement in that site.
Regarding Mini Implants
Posted on: 29/10/12
Often times, patients ask about mini implants because they have heard they are less expensive than traditional dental implant treatments. The main reason for this is because mini dental implants require less material and less dental treatment. In this article, we will review the benefits and limitations of mini implants and compare them to other available dental implant options.
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